Mass Schedule

9 AM and 12 PM
9 AM

Anticipated Mass
of Sunday:

Church: 5 PM

8 AM
9:30 AM (family Mass)
11 AM
12:30 PM
5 PM (Youth Mass)

10:30 AM
12:45 PM (Español)

Morning Prayer
Weekdays at 7:15 AM


Room assignment Requirements

  • All room request forms can be downloaded here or may be picked up at the receptionist's desk or in the office and returned there. They cannot be more than 90 days in advance and not less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Rooms will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If there is a conflict, you may try to resolve it with whoever has the room already reserved. Please see these room specifications below to note the parameters for each room prior to booking it.

  • All supply requests and set up requests must be given 2 weeks in advance of your event, so that we can insure proper stock and proper staffing.

  • You may not serve alcohol of any kind unless prior permission and a liquor license are received from the business office.

  • No decorations may be taped to the walls or ceilings.

  • Please leave the room in reasonably good condition. Garbage in cans, nothing left lying around, chairs pushed back under the tables etc. If the kitchen is used or utensils, coffee pots etc, you are expected to clean whatever you use.

  • If you are involving any outside speakers, priests, or leaders, this must be brought to the attention of the business office no less than 30 days prior to the event, as credentials may have to be checked.

  • Any contracts for outside vendors, can only be signed by the Pastor or the Operations manager, and must be accompanied by an insurance certificate that meets the diocesan standards.

    Room  Maximum PA
    Capacity Allowable Chairs Allowable Tables Sysyem TV Set-Up Food Allowed Air Conditioned
    Church 312 0 0 Yes No No Yes
    Chapel 392 0 0 Yes No No No
    101 32 30 4 Portable Yes No Yes
    102 32 30 4 Portable Yes No No
    103 17 16 1 No Yes Yes Yes
    104 17 Pre-K Pre-K No Yes Yes No
    105 33 Pre-K Pre-K No No Yes No
    106 35 Pre-K Pre-K No No Yes No
    107 23 Pre-K Pre-K No No Yes No
    120 13 13 1 No No Yes Yes
    201 33 Youth Ministry 4 No Yes Yes No
    203 16 9 2 No No Yes No
    204 16 12 2 No No Yes No
    205 34 17 4 No No Yes No
    206 34 23 4 No No Yes No
    207 34 14 3 No No Yes No
    209 18 6 Couches 1 No No Yes Yes
    Library 15 14 2 No No Yes Yes
    Cafeteria 305 200 39 Yes No Yes Yes
    Gym 305 300 14 Yes No Yes No




    Christian Life Communities




    St. Anthony's Church
    110 Anchor Ave
    Oceanside, NY 11572
    Tel: 516.764.0048
    Fax: 516.282.2525

    Saturdays 4-4:45 PM and at designated services throughout the year.

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Sunday, Monday, Thursday at 7:30 PM, in the cafeteria

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Tuesday at 8 PM, in the cafeteria